A bio-lake is an eco-sustainable water basin designed for swimming. It consists of two areas: one is the swimming area and the other lodges the water plants that purify the water. The two areas are connected by one ore or two small water falls that supplì the necessary oxygen to the entire system, thus avoiding the use of chlorine and other chimica substances. A bio-lake is a completely eco-sustainable system which can optimize the natural purifying capability of water plants through a closed-circuit system, which regenerates naturally, creating an environment rich in biodiversità. This natural environment follows seasonal changes and is not affected by frost or ice. Biocompatible engineering techniques are used in the construction of bio-lakes, thus avoiding cementation.

Biolago Casa privata (Li)
Biolake designed by Vera Luciani in Livorno
Biolago Casa privata Porretta (Mo)
Biolake designed by Vera Luciani in Modena